Sleeping difficulties – not getting to or not staying asleep.

sleeping difficulties and craniosacral therapy

Your body has lots of different movements and rhythms going on all at the same time. For example, the rhythm of your breathing or the rhythm of your blood pumping around your body.

The movement of cerebrospinal fluid around your brain and spinal cord has a rhythm to it too and in craniosacral therapy we call that the craniosacral rhythm.

There is a point, just before sleep, when your craniosacral rhythm pauses and resets itself. It is during this re-set that you drift into sleep.

If for some reason our craniosacral system is restricted it may not be able to achieve this reset or only achieve it partially. If this is the case it will be very difficult for you to fall asleep and when you do you won’t sleep deeply.

The reasons why your craniosacral system can be restricted include trauma of one kind or another. As well as helping to release trauma, craniosacral therapy can help retrain your craniosacral rhythm to reset itself as it needs and this is why craniosacral treatment can be so effective with sleeping difficulties in people of all ages.

Babies who are having difficulty sleeping respond particularly well.