Reciprocal Nature of the Craniosacral System

riciprocal nature of the craniosacral system

Everything is connected . . .

Every structure in your body is covered in a thin membrane called fascia. From the smallest neuron to large structures like your lungs or your liver, they are all covered in fascia.

Fascia is continuous from our head to our feet. That’s significant because a restriction in the fascia in one part of your body may show up as pain in a different part.

If your body was a dinner table and the plates and cups were the bones and structures in your body, then fascia would be the tablecloth.

A restriction is a bit like slowly pulling the corner of that tablecloth. Initially not much would happen but if you kept pulling the tablecloth the cups and saucers would start to move and eventually collide as they moved in the direction of your pulling.

A cup and saucer clinking together on the far side of the table would be like the vertebrae in your neck pinching a nerve.  The pain is in your neck but the cause of the problem may be coming from a restriction in the lower part of your spine that is pulling your whole spine downwards.