Lost Soul and CranioSacral Therapy

Lost Soul and Craniosacral therapy

“I don’t know what it is but something is wrong . . .”

Lost Soul is a poetic term I use to describe a condition I see regularly in my practice. It is where a person feels like their life has lost its meaning. Where the joy has gone and they are ‘off track’. Day to day feels like just going through the motions and nothing has any real meaning. They feel their life doesn’t represent them at all. It is often described to me as waking up one morning and realizing that they are not living the life they thought they would or know they should.

Craniosacral therapy helps with this because it works with cerebrospinal fluid, which as well as being crucial fluid from a physical perspective is also at the core of who we are. I have found that working with cerebrospinal fluid has profound effects on the feeling of being a lost soul.

Working with cerebrospinal fluid at a deep level I assist it to flow better by helping to release any restrictions in the structures that contain cerebrospinal. As cerebrospinal fluid starts to flow more naturally the feeling of being off track fades into the distance and is replaced by a natural vitality and joy of life. That may sound flowery but it is what I have witnessed repeatedly in practice.

What generally happens is that people come in with this lost soul condition, then during the course of treatment, they reconnect with themselves in a very deep way. Because this happens at a very deep level there is usually no need for extensive talking or probing their past. The changes occur gently and over time. Generally, people look back and realise how far they have come rather than being daunted at the outset by how far they have to travel.

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“The quality of my life in many areas has improved immensely and the layers of healing that John helped me through continue to have a beneficial effect on my health and my life.”

D. Crowley,
Cork, Ireland.