Craniosacral Release


If someone throws a ball and it hits you in the head, the impact will put a sort of imprint in your body. Luckily your body is designed to release any of these normal, day to day, imprints that you receive.

It’s like owning a car that has the ability to ‘pop out’ dents it picks up along the way. The dents your body picks up are the bumps, bangs, trips, and falls of life, and most of the time your body can ‘pop’ them out or release them successfully.

Problems only occur when this self-repairing release mechanism is overwhelmed. This can happen if the physical or emotional trauma is too great for your body to cope with.
(The point at which this self repair mechanism gets overwhelmed is different for each person.)

Your body never stops trying to release a traumatic imprint. Sometimes it is eventually successful and completes the release, if not, your system becomes depleted from the continual efforts of trying to achieve a release.


When your body is trying to release a restriction it has a particular movement to it. Your body has lots of different movements and rhythms going on all at the same time. For example, the movement and rhythm of your breathing or the movement and rhythm of your blood pumping around your body.

When your body is trying to release a restriction it has a movement and rhythm to it too. It is very subtle and takes years of practice to be able to feel but being able to feel this movement of repair is crucial to knowing where your body is getting stuck in the process.

craniosacral rhythmI am highly attuned to this movement. Because I can feel the movement I can feel where it is getting stuck. I can then help your body complete the repairs it is trying to make.

For your body, releasing a restriction can be like trying to roll a big ball up a hill. But every time you get about halfway up, you run out of energy, collapse, and the ball rolls back down again.

What I do is walk along beside you, so to speak, as you roll the ball up the hill then just at the point where you are about to collapse I put my hand out and hold the ball.

And I continue to hold the ball until you have gathered your strength and can roll the ball a little further up the hill.

Then when you are about to collapse again I support the ball once more until you have gathered your resources and roll the ball to the top of the hill, which in this case would be a release.