Cancer and Other Life-Threatening Illness.

cancer and other life-threatening illness

Over the years I have worked with many people with life-threatening illness. The dynamic is always different to people who come to see me with something like back pain or sleeping difficulties or digestive problems or fertility issues – conditions that are not life-threatening. Once that diagnosis tips over to life-threatening the dynamic changes and consequently the approach changes.

You could say that any symptom, small or large, is an indication of a disharmony in a person’s system. By system, I mean everything, body, mind, spirit and anything else we don’t know about.

We are multi-layered, multi-faceted beings.

The sort of disharmony that causes a life-threatening condition is located at the very core of us. It is not in our conscious awareness. Craniosacral therapy is an extremely gentle approach and because of this gentleness, it works very deeply in our system and can access the deepest disharmonies.

The power of sitting still.

The way craniosacral therapy can access these deep disharmonies is similar to getting pigeons to feed out of your hand. If you run around trying to catch a pigeon so you can put some food in its mouth you won’t have much luck. But, if you sit quietly and start off by throwing out pieces of bread, little by little the pigeons will start to come closer. Once they start to eat the bread, you can throw it closer and closer until eventually, they are eating out of your hand.

The powerful effect of a gentle approach.

It works the same with our systems, particularly our body. If you push and pull it around you elicit a defensive response. The body tightens up to defend itself. Nothing is revealed or released. So I sit quietly and wait and in time the deep disharmonies begin to reveal themselves.

The reasons we die are the same as the reasons we are born.

They are deep, personal and mysterious. When I am working with a person with a life-threatening illness like cancer, my focus is not to find the reasons they are, “sick,” but instead to respect their process and give their system expert support to find harmony. Sometimes that means getting better, sometimes not.

With every person I have worked with, who was dealing with a life threatening illness, their quality of life improved.

Craniosacral therapy is also very helpful in mitigating the negative side effects of aggressive treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Craniosacral therapy helps our system find harmony.

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